Week 1: Identify a Population Group at risk, population of interest, and/or vulnerable population in your community

Collaborate with professionals across the health care system in order to find the gap in care or social determinants resulting in poor outcomes. Begin to take the lead to advocate and collaborate for the population at risk. During this week of your practicum begin to identify a population at risk in your community that you will discuss for the next six weeks and use to create a Population-Based Nursing Care Project. Some examples of population health problems are: obesity, teen pregnancy, diabetes, infectious diseases, and childhood immunization. Discuss with your team the prevalent health problems in your practice and in your community. How can you address these health problems at the population level? Some possible resources to clarify the health problem include your local department of health, other professionals and agencies involved with the population at risk, and community groups. Read more about populations in your textbook. Please address the following in your discussions: Briefly describe the community where you live and setting in which you practice. What health problems are prevalent in your practice and/or in your community? For the purpose of the Population-Based Nursing Care Project, choose a population at risk. Describe the health problem and specific population. Help each other refine and clarify the health problem.  write In APA format

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