Social Structure Theories

View the following Theories of Crime videos in CJ Criminology. Social Structure Theories section: Theory Explained Social Process Theories section: Theory Explained Social Conflict Theories section: Theory Explained Read the instructions in the Examining Theory document and select one of the following options to complete the assignment. Option 1: Social Structure Theory Paper Option 2: Social Process and Social Development Theory Paper Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines View the following Films on Demand Videos located in this week’s Required Learning Activities and select one for this week’s assignment:

• “Prostitution Along Immigration Routes” Write a 2,100- to 2,450-word paper that addresses the following:

• How does the video you selected to support a social structure theory? • What is the primary subject or content of the video? • What social issues are raised in the video? • What are major principles of sociological theory addressed in the video? • What might be some possible ramifications for social policy change

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