Trends in Healthcare

1) Assume you were hired by the city of Phoenix, AZ to design a health and wellness program for baby boomers. How would you incorporate the major trends discussed in Chapter 3 into this program? List your reference(s) in APA format. 2)Health Reform Review articles, websites, and news associated with health reform. Describe at least two changes associated with health reform that will shape the future of health care. What are the implications for a hospital or health care organization’s marketing strategy/plan? Identify and define at least two impacts of reform on health care marketing in general. Describe how health care marketers will play a role in helping their organizations respond to these changes. Note: my textbook is Hillestad, S. & Berkowitz, E. (2004). Heath care market strategy: From planning to action (3rd ed). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. 3)Mission Statement Locate a mission statement from a healthcare organization. Critique the mission statement by using nine questions listed on page 69 of the Hillestad and Berkowitz’s book. List your reference(s) in APA format.

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