Traveling Tends To Magnify All Human Emotions

Traveling is an activity that can help someone to grow and learn. This helps one to change his/her view of life in general. He gains more knowledge and wisdom. By traveling one will be inspired by the experiences he/she encounters. It is by understanding this that I feel encouraged to learn International Affairs. Over the years I have developed the liking to understand the activities of the international community.

In order for one to understand the affairs of other countries he/she must take time to be there and be ready to learn.Due to this I have enrolled in the University of Cincinnati. Here I major in International Affairs. My passion to know foreign policies and international affair can be dated back to when I was at early stages of leaning.

However I did not get the opportunity to develop the interest fully until I enrolled at the University. It is here that the zeal grew more and more. My eyes were opened and I discovered that I could learn international affairs not only in my academics but also my extracurricular activities. In my academics it was through lessons like government where I got to know more about state relations in the world as a stage. Also I learned the role of the concerns of humanitarian in the states relations. Political, social and economic developments are major courses here.

Causes and prevention of warlike activities which majored of trying to understand how war comes about and finding how the war can be prevented was also a course I treasured.Equally the co-curricular activities have helped me learn more concerning the international relations. The positions I held as a leader helped me extract useful information and skills in international relations. Getting time to know how the UN operates was also a great achievement in my career. This was mostly concerned with the community service policies. In addition I use the talents bestowed within me and the time and energy to give out to the community.

For instance I take time to initiate or voluntarily participate in funds drive aimed at helping the less fortunate. This builds my self esteem.I like participating in other fields that that relate to diplomacy. For example in business which usually is characterized with stiff competition. This relates directly with diplomacy which has the same features of competitiveness.In addition I intent to take summer language courses in Paris to learn French language and their culture.

This will act like a booster to the course I’m taking for it will boost my understanding of French which is a commonly spoken language in many countries. Understanding French culture will also be of great importance to me for it will enable me as well learn how to accommodate the French speakers.So far it is hard to establish my typical careers for I have developed interest in many fields in life. In the mean time I intent to study abroad for some time which will help me further my knowledge in both academic and personal international affairs understanding.

On completion of my studies the next agenda in my life will be to work for organizations which do not basically focus in profit making. Then I can join the corporate world and possibly undertake studies in a general course which is in line with my future ambitions of engaging in business ventures, politics as well as international relations. This will preferably be a law course.It due to these ambitions that I wish to apply for a scholarship in the National Society of Collegiate Scholar.

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