The ‘stakeholder’ is one of the most important concepts in health care

The ‘stakeholder’ is one of the most important concepts in health care. Effective leaders know their stakeholders, paying close attention to the barriers that distort communication. Health care organizations are located in especially complex stakeholder environments. Take, for example, a large academic hospital. It can easily have more than two dozen stakeholders, as illustrated by Figure 6.5. Each stakeholder group has interests that predispose it to support or contest the hospital’s initiative” (Moussa, Chapter 5, p. 173). Please write approximately 1,750-2,000 words addressing the following scenario: You are a senior executive at a community hospital that is considering hiring a hospitalist physician. • What stakeholders would you include in a stakeholder analysis to evaluate adoption of a hospitalist model of care? • For this paper, please perform a stakeholder analysis that: – Assesses stakeholder interests and “stakes” – Develops strategies for effective communication, gaining support, and reducing obstacles/opposition.

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