special topics in management

special topics in management

Your position paper will emphasize application of concepts. You will research an organizational change scenario and recommend a plan of action using best-practices in strategic communications. Each student will write a position paper with communications plan analyzing a significant organizational change reported in the recent news. Minimum 1,500 words. The change may be in the near future or currently taking place. Your scenario must be pre-approved by Prof. Cheatham. Your paper is worth 20% of your final course grade.

Take a position: What communications strategies should the organization adopt to make the change more effective, less disruptive and undertaken with less risk? Your paper will include the following: 1) Explain the business scenario, including reason(s) for the change 2) Analyze the positive and negative aspects of the change—who benefits and who does not? 3) Conduct a stakeholder analysis. 4) Recommend communications objectives and strategies 5) Recommend specific actions that change leaders should take in communicating the change. 6) Recommend metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of change messages. 7) Use stakeholder change model (Lewis) for your framework.

To add career value, you are encouraged to research a change scenario from your current organization or one for which you wish to work.

Cite at least 3 of our course readings in your analysis and 3 new references which you found on your own. Use APA format style.

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