solution to global warming

solution to global warming

To: The nations of the world

From: The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in collaboration with national geographic.

Date: 4th October, 2010

Subject: Solution to global warming The reason for the memo is for world nations to come to an agreement on steps to be undertaken as actions against climate change.

This is with the aim of finding solutions to climate change which has resulted from global warming. To find a solution to the problem, every member country of the United Nation will be represented in the 4th October 2010, meeting to be held in California, US. This research proposal will take the media of a memo instead of the traditional academic research paper. The topic on solution to global warming in this research proposal will be addressed as a philosophical problem. This therefore, is a matter of understanding what global warming is all about, the strategies to be used to curb the phenomena as well as its causes (Kyoto Treaty, 2005). Solutions to global warming are the key objectives that need to be considered by the member states of the United Nations: The need for mandated Fossil Fuel Efficiency standard for every county’s generator of electricity. This includes the control of energy production by an average fossil fuel and a control schedule for cutting fossil allowance. Companies should be forced to use new fuel that is up to standard and more efficient. The governments of the nations can give tax credits to organization in there respective countries for participating in finding solution to global warming. The governments can also set standards in the automobile industry and establish technologies and fuels which can eliminate the emission of carbon dioxide. There is need to emphasize on the importance of renewable energy and safer modes of energy. There is strong evidence that human beings cause global warming according to the National geographic report. However, what still remains controversial is whether or not this is true(National Geographic, 2010).The concerns of global warming and climate change have been from year to year a subject of public and government interests, lobby groups, environmental groups, scientists and some countries. They have raised concerns on the impact of climate change with stern oppositions or with ridicule. Powerful, countries like the US has openly challenged the climate change concerns. Lobby groups and industry coalitions has accused the media of misinforming the public through false balancing. By the early years of 2000s global warming and climate change had become evident and accepted a global challenge or problem. The consequences of global warming are here and we need to find solutions as nations of the world. Development of policies to address global warming is important to all the countries. Countries of the world need to agree that global warming is real and not a myth. Therefore, the prevention of global warming is important despite of it being a long term process. Laws and rules need to be created through the setting up of standards which protect human species and wild life. The government and the people in it need to realize that it is better to find solutions to global warming now rather than waiting until when we can’t do anything anymore. It is important to consider sociological, economics and political factors as we plan for the future. What we do today will make a big step in addressing the Fahrenheit degree rate that is still warm despite the reduction of green house gas emition (National Geographic 2010).We hope that by 2030, global warming will be reduced greatly. Reference National geographic (2010) global warming solutions. Retrieved from On October 4th 2010 Kyoto Treaty, 2010 the solution to global warming. Retrieved from On October, 4th 2010.

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