Rethinking Asymmetric Threats

Rethinking asymmetric threats refers to systematic analysis and critique for the various threats which the United States defense department is faced with. This is incorporated in the various forms of attacks or threats which are presented to a country by enemies and neighbors (Blank, 2003).

The article calls for the participants of the defence department to carry out extensive debates which will expose the threats and ways through which they can be curbed. Debates are also part of the rethinking asymmetric threats article as a way of evaluating the strategies that are laid by the enemy and in the long run the United States defence will be in a position to overcome the threats (Blank, 2003).

Blank (2003) criticizes the department of defence misuse of the term asymmetry such that the true meaning is not brought out as the participants are known to pay more attention to their own strategies rather than the opponents strategies in laid threats. This is blamed on the adverse effects of the September 11 attacks. When the author talks of rethinking the asymmetric threats, the key issue is in identifying the threat environment and working on ways of curbing the threat through appropriate strategies.

The article further on classifies the asymmetrical threats which can be posed by enemies and also ways of preparing for them to reduce damage. The real meaning of asymmetric threats is given by establishing the need to educate members of the defence department on ways of preparedness. Consequently, strategies are included in the rethinking process of future wars through incorporation of technology (Blank, 2003).


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