Refuting Misinformation Regarding Vaccinations

Refuting Misinformation Regarding Vaccinations

Find an example of misinformation, disinformation, or fake news that applies to any subject we have studied in class. Use critical thinking to analyze the claims that are being made and refute them. Use credible peer-reviewed sources to back up your claims. Avoid referencing blogs and websites that are not peer reviewed. Instead, use a Google Scholar search to find reputable peer-reviewed information. This assignment should be an example of your best work.

Use the following format to structure your refutation: (Refer to the debunking handbook for more information.)

Introduction of issue-
Explain and describe the issue you will be addressing.
State the facts of the issue you will be addressing. The facts you state must be scientifically demonstrable, not a belief.
Use peer-reviewed sources as evidence to back up your claims.
Warn about the myth –
Explain that you are about to state a myth or falsehood.
Present the myth/misinformation that you will be refuting. You can include a screenshot or link to a website/blog.
Explain the importance of dispelling/debunking the myth in question.
State a quantitative fact or statistic to back-up your claims about the importance of debunking the myth.
Make sure to properly cite the source of your myth and statistics.
Explain the Fallacy-
Identify the logical fallacies and techniques used to mislead employed in your example of misinformation.
Explain how the fallacies/techniques lead to false assumptions.
Discuss the possible consequences of the assumptions.
Reinforce the facts using peer-reviewed resources.
Discuss your own perspective on the issue. Did your perspective change as a result of your research?
What perspectives might others have on this issue and why?
Literature Cited- Include complete APA style citations of all resources you cited in your writing.

General format and considerations-

Use APA name-year style parenthetical citations in the body of your writing. Whenever you state a fact that you got from a resource you should put the author’s last name, a comma, then the year of publication in parentheses at the end of the sentence.
Example: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit (Name, year).

Include a full citation in APA style in the literature cited section. I should be able to find your resource from the information in the full citation.
Some good sources for misinformation are Facebook posts, Tweets, and blogs.
Google Scholar (Links to an external site.) is a good source for reputable peer-reviewed articles.
Some ideas for misinformation topics for A&P 2: vaccines, birth control, cardiovascular health, kidney health, liver detox, etc.

Your assignment will be graded according to the criteria on the following rubric.




Issue is described (5 pts)
Truth of issue is stated (10 pts)
Reputable references are included (5 pts)

Myth is presented and explained (5 pts)
Importance of debunking myth is discussed (5 pts)
Quantitative evidence is discussed (5 pts)
Reputable citations are included (5 pts)

Logical fallacies are correctly identified (5 pts)
Assumptions are discussed (5 pts)
Consequences are discussed (5 pts)
Reputable citations are included (5 pts)

Facts are reinforced (5 pts)
Student individual perspective is discussed (5 pts)
Perspectives of others are considered (5 pts)
Reputable resources are cited (5 pts)
Literature cited

Reputable resources are cited (10 pts)
Proper APA format is used (5 pts)
All sources cited in the text are referenced (5 pts)

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