R/Evolution of Nursing Practice

Assignment Topic: R/Evolution of Nursing Practice
1.  Identify one concern that you have identified in health care.
2.  Cite literature (2 sources are enough) that supports your claim that the issue you identified is a current concern.
3.             About You: describe the new graduate program you completed.
4.             You are an Intrapreneur.  Describe the circumstance around this designation. (You will need to know what an intrapreneur is and how it is arranged)
5.             Identify a technological innovation that will help address the health concern that you identified above.
You will receive one mark for each of these points for a total of 5 marks
Be creative. Have fun!  Nothing is too “innovative”

R/Evolution of Nursing Practice

Example – which means you cannot use this one and it already does
1. Current Health Issue
Spinal Cord Injuries continue to rise with little advancements in
regenerating the spinal cord with stem cell technology
2. Cite literature
Lit 1
Lit 2

3. About You
I just graduated from the new “Electronic Nurse Engineer PhD
program”.  This position was created to advance technology as it applies
to Nursing.
4. Intrapreneur (I am describing entrepreneurship here)
I am an entrepreneur working for myself.  I have two employees
working for me.  I was successful in applying for a government grant for
new Entrepreneurs.  I received 2 million dollars!!!  You can reach my
company at:  www.wehaveyourback.ca
5. Solution
If the spinal cord cannot be repaired directly, there should be a way to
provide mobility to the patient in other ways.  As an Entrepreneur, I
have developed a gear that is worn on the outside of the body.  It
provides support to the patient’s skeleton when their muscles can no
longer provide this because of nerve damage.  Smart technology is used
to provide feedback to the patient about movement and orientation.  I
use titanium material and the latest microchips manufactured by Intel.
We are currently trialing my company’s innovation at Toronto Central
This assignment is a TNR 12’ use the headings and write a 1 1/2
pages maximum word count no more than 375 words paper.
References are required in APA format

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