The Power Of Letting Go

During the evangelistic service, the pastor taught us about the power of letting go. Before the start of the sermon, the pastor started by explaining how people like keeping everything by themselves. People keep every mail that they receive and every sheet of paper that they own. The pastor explained that people feel comfortable when they know that something is there because it is part of them they don’t want to bring it to waste. There are many things that people hold on to that it is until you let go that you will be able to progress.

In the start of the sermon the pastor started by introducing the sermon of the day which was the power of letting go. From this sermon I learnt that a person destiny is determined by God but not by you. We need to let go because it is until then that the world comprises with us. When letting go we should not be afraid of being pushed from one side to the other because it is true that the things that do not work out, do not work out for good this is because the good thing would not have come along if the past experienced had not failed (Hallowell, E 2004).

In the service the preacher used several examples to explain this teaching with the first example hen used two boys who were clinging on some rock with the fear of the river running beneath them. One of the boys decided to let go and he was carried by the current and during this time he was being pushed violently from one side to the other whereby he got knocked but gradually he was able to flow with the stream.

As he rode with the current he started enjoying the ride and he looked back at his friend who was still clinging on the rock. This service was very inspiring because I was able to learn that everything that happen no matter how horrible it seem to be, work out for the best which is the power of letting go. One thing that we should know is that if anything is not working out as expected, we should learn to release it and let go. When we keep dwelling on something it leads to self pity, bitterness and resentment and after a short period of time you will start blaming God, other people and yourself.

When you let go it is an act of faith and by doing this, it is a sign that you are trusting in God and you know that he is under control. This sermon was consistent with the Christianity doctrines because according to these doctrines it teaches that we should trust in God and have faith in him. We are supposed to believe that even if something did not work for good we should let God drive us as he is in control of us (Hallowell, E 2004).

In order for God to help us we should be ready to let him do it his way. God holds us in his palms and directs us in every step that we take. We are supposed to learn to trust in God as God knew us even before the foundations if the earth therefore he knows what good and what bad we are about to face and how we shall conquer through the challenge.


Hallowell, E (2004). Dare to forgive HCI Books

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