Population and Health Promotion

Population and Health Promotion

An important aspect of nursing’s role in reducing health risk and promoting the health of populations has been the identification of needed services for populations in a specific community or city. Increasingly, health professionals will need to work with clients in a more interactive, collaborative style. Policy development and implementation are important skills that nurses use to improve the health of populations and thus improve the health and livability of communities.

In this assignment you will select a population, and research services this population needs and services currently available for this population within your community. In Nursing 415: Community and Public Health Nursing Practicum you will provide education for a selected population. You can use the same population you select for this assignment (NURS 412) in NURS 415. (Note: you will not be allowed to complete your practicum in an area that provides services to minors).

Use at least 3 appropriate references. Address the following elements in a formal paper using APA 6th edition format address. You should use appropriate headings throughout the paper to ensure you have covered all elements appropriately.

1. Assess the community or city where you live. Many communities/cities have healthy people 2020 goals established for them.
a. Identify and discuss characteristics/factors (both negative and positive) that contribute to the health status of your community or city.
b. What partnerships exist among public, private, and nonprofit groups in your community or city that affects the health status?

2. Identify at least 2 specific ways in which public or community health nurses can improve the health status of your community/city.

3. After examining populations in your area, select a population you are interested in within your community or city.
a. Discuss health promotion of this population. Health promotion may include primary, secondary, and/or tertiary prevention
b. Identify 2 agencies in the surrounding area that provide health-related services to this selected population.
i. What specific services are provided?
ii. Who is eligible for services?
iii. The cost of the services

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