Over Speeding

  As human beings, we often learn from the mistakes that we make. Making mistakes is natural and it is an experience that we go through at different times in life. It is through making corrections in our mistakes that we become better people. In my entire life, due to making mistakes, I have been able to learn many lessons. Since I learned how to drive, I had always been warned by my friend not to over speed since I would at some unexpected point have to face the consequences of my actions. However, I did not listen to my friend’s advice. In the most unexpected way, I learned a lesson on one morning when a police officer caught me over speeding.

It had rained some few minutes before and the road seemed clear to me. This in turn had prompted me to drive fast. I had looked ahead and saw that there were no cars and considering myself as the only person using the street, I had to drive above the speed limit. In my mind, I somehow remembered the words of my friend and thought that I heard his voice encouraging me to slow. Driving in my high speed, I realized that I was nearing a road junction but there was no way I could slow down. Had the driver of an oncoming car at the junction not stopped emergently, I would have caused a very fatal accident. After the missed accident, what I saw at a distance from the junction was an old looking car park beside the road and a man get out of it.

When I drove closer, I realized that he was a police man and he directed me to stop. At this point I again remembered the words of my friend that I would unexpectedly face the consequences. I had no option but to stop and park beside the road. The police officer stood next to my door and asked for my driving license. Though shaken, I courageously handed it to him. The officer said to me that I had been caught for the offense of driving at 100 km/h whereas the speed limit on the street was supposed to be 80km/h. He gave me a ticket of $ 80.00 that was supposed to be a fine for my reckless behavior. This was clearly an offense in driving. I therefore had to attend a hearing in the court. Apart from this, I was warned that I would have my driving license confisticated if I committed an offense within six months.

Through that incident that happened when I did not expect, I learned a lesson. Since that day, I always follow all the road rules. Since I had started driving, I never imagined of being caught by a police officer and I had always brushed off my friend’s advice and warning. Through my over speeding, I could have caused accidents. This could have lead to the suffering of innocent people and in extreme cases death and I could also have killed myself. After this mistake, I came to get the reasons as to why my friend always warned me against over speeding. Nevertheless, since making mistakes is natural for human beings, it was an experience for me that enabled me learn my lesson.


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