Nursing Leadership and Management Field Experience C355 tips

Nursing Leadership and Management Field Experience C355 tips

Well you’ve made it to the end. While the Field Experience and Capstone are technically 2 courses, they are one in the same. There are 2 tasks for this course, they are built upon one another and make up a major portion of the paper for your capstone.

The purpose of this field experience is identical to your Translational Research class. Find a problem at your facility that needs change, provide research (30, yes 30, scholarly articles) demonstrating that it needs change, make a plan to implement this change, get a team together, come up with a timeline and goals, etc. If you played your cards right when you completed Translational Research you can bring this information right over to this paper. There is some debate about whether you can technically plagiarize your own work, I wholeheartedly believe you cannot. It is YOUR work. I never had to defend myself in this arena but if I did I would absolutely fight. I had several emails back and forth with course instructors clarifying the fact that you could use your exact same topic and research from Translational Research for the Field Experience, their consensus was that it was possible.

If you did NOT find a way to incorporate the same topic that is a major bummer but at a minimum you can use your Translational Research paper as a map to make the new topic go more quickly. I also recommend referencing your Organizational Leadership paper as you’ll see some very similar rubric requirements there that can be pulled over.

To find 30 scholarly articles less than 5 years old is a challenge to say the least! I actually utilized the school library for this on top of my internet findings. The librarian is super helpful and responsive if you need, I had them also grant me 48 hours access to some articles that were only available online for purchase. Keep that in mind if you find articles that only show you the abstract without some sort of subscription. Needless to say the research is beyond exhaustive. It will take time finding these and it will take even more writing up your summaries. Important note, you will only use about 15 of these articles in detail to support your proposed change the remaining articles only have to relate to your topic in some manner you don’t necessarily have to use them or quote them. Remember this when you’re scouting articles, if one doesn’t fit exactly but is still related to the topic in any way throw it in your pile of 30!

It is important to make sure you do these tasks exactly as asked. Fill out your approval letters and preceptor info precisely or it will get your entire task sent back for revision. There is a paper template with instructions that you absolutely should use and follow to a T for both tasks.
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