Nursing Leadership and Management Capstone 356 tips

Nursing Leadership and Management Capstone 356 tips

The capstone is a bit of a doozie. You have to compile together your field experience work and add in more chapters of new content and then submit the paper along with a live video presentation of you covering this information.

For task 1, the paper, use the provided template, copy over the work from the Field Experience (which will be chapters 1 & 2), write the remaining chapters that discuss the details of implementing your change, the process, the barriers, how to overcome the barriers, the evaluation, etc (this is chapters 3, 4, 5). Include any relevant tables or appendices.

For task 2 you create a Powerpoint presentation of your change to present on video. Try and organize your slides like the paper template going chapter by chapter. I used the headings in each chapter as the headings for my slides, wrote a short blurb on the slide summarizing those headings and then put speaker notes in that elaborated a little more that I would read verbatim during the presentation. Make sure you reference that rubric for what you need to cover on the presentation, it isn’t every single part of your paper so don’t waste time doing that. For the video I wore a business jacket, no scrubs, seemed more professional as this is a graduate capstone, you’re not doing shift work. The Panopto instructions are straightforward but it does take a little time to get everything set up. My recorded presentation was about 28 minutes, the recommended time is 30-45 minutes, I would err on the side of a little shorter, lets be honest NO grader out there wants to listen to a speech for 45 minutes on a topic they’ve probably heard a million times before.

Last bit of important info! You MUST pass the field experience task prior to submitting the capstone task (because one is a part of the other technically). I tried to turn all of mine in at the same time assuming by the time the field experience had passed I would be closer in the queue for the capstone. Unfortunately, my capstone was sent back immediately for revision solely because my field experience hadn’t “passed” yet. I was not thrilled about this because I had to sit and wait for the field to pass then start at square one with the capstone, it extended my grading time and completion time significantly starting over in the queues and almost hindered my graduation deadlines. Learn from my mistake, submit everything a bit earlier, and do one at a time.

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