Mutual Aid agreement pt2

Here is the insturction:


(Six months after your excellent work in achieving the above mutual aid agreement, River Bend Fire-EMS has hired you as the Chief EMS Officer. It turns out that the two volunteer paramedics that responded to most EMS calls in the surrounding communities have taken paid positions with MetroStar Ambulance and are no longer responding as volunteers in the surrounding communities. The Fire Chief and Mayor of River Bend call you in to a meeting, three months after your start date – and 9 months before your probationary period is over – to inform you that the EMS service is responding to too many calls in the surrounding rural communities. They charge you with the task of reducing the number of responses to areas outside of the municipal boundaries within 60 days. As an ultimatum, they have proposed terminating their mutual aid agreement with the surrounding communities, if necessary. You are to develop possible solutions and describe how you would go about addressing this issue. (You are encourage to work collaboratively with your classmates. You may communicate in any form, either through direct in person conversations, by telephone, by email, through the course chat system, or any other way. You may find it beneficial to view this through various roles, just as though you were doing so “in a lab” during a practical session. You may also choose to work independently, and develop your own proposals and solutions. Consultations with faculty are encouraged as well. However, you should realize that these situations occur commonly and you will likely be facing them at one time or another during your EMS career.)


i am an EMS manager

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