Discussion 1:

“Marriage” Please respond to the following:

  • From the first e-Activity, describe Huston’s four major findings from the “PAIR (Process of Adaptation in Intimate Relationships) Project”. Evaluate the accuracy of the findings by comparing them with your own experiences (either in your own marriage or in the marriages of friends or family members).
  • Based on the marriage quiz in the article, judge whether you think the categories are valid and make sense. Support your answer with examples and research.


Discussion 2:

“The ‘Big Five’ Personality Characteristics” Please respond to the following:


  • From the second e-Activity, describe each of the five personality characteristics in the “Big Five.” Determine which of the Big Five traits seems to be the strongest and weakest in you. Support your answer with examples.
  • Evaluate the usefulness of a “Big Five” personality test in thinking about the self and give reasons for your evaluation.
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