Leading a change in healthcare

Leading a change in healthcare
I have attached two articles 2 of each is for one topic. In addition, you can look for a video
(YouTube or Ted Talks) that speak about each topic.
So, 2 articles and 2 videos (YouTube or Ted Talks.).
You will review and comment on each resource speaking about the discussion topics below.
These articles explore how leaders make a difference in the world.
For your understanding about what was discussed in class for this assignment.
New initiatives are only possible because of the dedication of a few amazing people.

Leading a change in healthcare

These leaders inspire others to action.  Sustainable change is only possible as a result of leadership. Each topic is intended to stimulate conversation and consider how the topic is positioned to improve globalhea lth. Examine the positives and negatives as they apply.
Please cite each reference.

Discussion Topics
a) Poverty and health
b) Health effects of gentrification

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