infographic on telehealth

infographic on telehealth
What, where, how, why of telehealth (which should be current) – indicate substantively. – what it is, cost (reimbursable for what insurance type), where to access, how to access, benefits with COVID-19, patient satisfaction, etc.)
Students may choose to focus on one or more the following suggested topic areas, however, students may choose their own relevant telehealth topic areas of:

infographic on telehealth

Telehealth Versus Telemedicine
Environments or Systems
Population Health
Health Promotion and Illness Prevention
Integrative Health
Technologies and Innovation
Provider Access
Patient Access
Policy Implications
Legal Implications
Clinical Practice Issues
Education/Training Needs
Research Implications
Quality of Care
Outcome Management

Students will select a platform (tool) for building their infographic. There are a number of great infographic platforms available online. Many are free, but most require that you do set up an account. Check out, Easelly, Piktochart, and Visme.
Create the Infographic using one of the above platforms.
Indicate the author understands the content and makes the content understandable to the general public
Graphics heavy (pertinent pictures, tables, charts, graphs) instead of text heavy with attractive, attention getting layout
Supported by 3 or more references/sources (other than/in addition to textbook) – so use in-text citations throughout and place all references on the bottom of the last page
No APA or mechanics errors

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