human physiology, health, or disease

Research paper You are required to complete a 5-6 page, double-spaced research paper on a subject related to human physiology, health, or disease. The paper must be printed with 1-inch margins. During Week 2 of the course, you will be expected to submit the subject topic for your paper. Possible topic areas will be based on an aspect of human physiology, health, or disease that interests you. Examples of topics include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, effects of exercise on muscle and bone health, bone development, and skin cancer. You must use a minimum of four separate sources for your research, which may be found in scientific journals, books, magazines, and newspapers (printed or on-line versions). You should reference your sources using either the APA or MLA style. You will also be required to present your findings during the last meeting of class by giving a 5-10 minuteĀ  talk

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