Health, Wellness and Nutrition

Health, Wellness and Nutrition

1.Where does carbohydrate digestion begin? (80-90 words)

2…..What is special about the structure of the cells lining the inside of the small intestines? (80-90 words)

3….What resources would you use for getting health information and what do you use to determine if a resource is reputable. (80-90 words)
4……This is a very good description of how the body can convert other energy sources into our main energy source, which is glucose. Please define the following terms for the class so they can understand the process and have some background information: (just 2-3 lines……not more than that)

1. Ketone
2. Fatty acid
3. Low blood sugar
4. High-carbohydrate diet
5. Low-carbohydrate diet
5…..What causes lactose intolerance? (80-90 words)
6…. What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance? (80-90 words)

7…..What ethnic or racial groups tend to have more incidence of lactose intolerance, which groups are least affected? (80-90 words)


8…..These include the USDA, FDA, EPA and the CDC. Can you find out what these initials stand for as government agencies? Additionally, what is the role of each in food regulation? (80-90 words)


9…..Research and share your findings of a specific virus, bacteria or parasite that is a potential food hazard, for instance E. coli, by addressing the following questions: (just 2-3 lines)

a. What causes of the foodborne illnesses? Provide an example.

b. What types of foods do the microbes typically infect?

c. What symptoms do they cause and what complications may occur?

d. What treatments are available?

e. How are food borne illnesses prevented?


10…….Who enforces their laws for food safety and sanitation (is it left up to local governments)? Are food additives necessary for food safety or are the harmful to our health? Provide examples of common food additives. What is the purpose of food additives? What is the GRAS list and what is its history? Are food additives safe or harmful? (80-90 words)

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