Health Effects of Air Pollution

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Topic:Health Effects of Air Pollution
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Details:Please review the files below to help you prepare your first paper. Note carefully the file”Popular vs. Scientific journals. Here are some general rules: The rules that apply for the paper: APA format *6th ed.), cover page, introduction, literature review, conclusions, and references. Use double-spacing and pick a 12 pitch font using Times New Roman or something similar. Select a topic that has some relevance for environmental health. Your paper should be about 5-10 pages long with citations and references. The complexity of your topic should determine the length Please note the file regarding popular vs. scientific journals. Select references from published sources such as journals or textbooks, not web pages. Use the online library sources and Google to find suitable material. Do not select just the first five references that show up! Also review the syllabus for additional details.

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