Experimental study template

Experimental Study Submitted By (make sure your name and date are included here): Article Citation in APA format: Research Question: Health Outcome of Interest: Exposure(s) of Interest: Types of Experimental Study (may be more than one; refer to table 7-1 in Aschengrau text): Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria and Initial Sample Size in Each Arm: Data Collection at Baseline: Type, Frequency and Duration of Follow-Up (include mention of whether there were any cross-overs and/or losses to follow-up; include also whether an assessment of compliance was an issue in this study, and, if so, how it was done; include also whether there were interim analyses and whether the study continued for its intended duration): Blinding of Subjects and Use of Placebo: Type of Data Analysis (intention to treat?): Results/Main Findings of Study: Comments (including generalizability of the study)

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