Eating Disorders and Client Teaching

In this video a 12 year old girl, Briana, is struggling with morbid obesity. She weighs over 300 pounds. She has been told that being this overweight will affect her health. She also feels very self-conscious about her weight and is bullied by her classmates. Briana’s parents express concern about her health as well. When her mother is interviewed about what food she serves the family she appears to be very interested in making any necessary changes. A trip to the market to find out what she purchases for family meals reveals that she does not seem to know what would be best to prepare for Briana so she can lose weight. Briana’s mother appears to be “stuck” on buying what she thinks are healthy foods which includes canned vegetables and very little fresh fruit and vegetables. Here is the link to the video, “”>A 12 Year Old’s Struggle with Morbid Obesity” Discuss what you would include in a client teaching tool/plan of care for Briana. Also include what instructions you would give her mother about preparing meals for Briana. When describing your nutrition nursing interventions, list two evidence based guidelines/resources that support your tool/plan/instructions.

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