domestic violence issues

  • Imagine you are trying to help a neighbor who you know has had a history of domestic violence issues in her family.
  • You know that she has reported several times that she was a victim of assault and emotional abuse.
  • “Claire” also has mentioned on several occasions that when she has had to call the police, they were mean and unhelpful.
  • She has also told you that she has been a victim of childhood trauma and she has a therapist who is working with her. She states that Human Resources at her company have done nothing to help her, and that you are her only friend. She seems to live on raw emotion, and you feel tentative about helping her as you are worried she may blame you for not helping her in the right way.
  • Other neighbors have told you that her issues are her own fault, and she is the cause of most of her problems. You sense she may be borderline personality and some “splitting” may be happening.
  1. Select one method that will help you deal with “Claire” and the potential splitting that is occurring and defend your approach:
    1. Describe each method and how you believe the method will help in solving the problem with Claire.
  2. Cite two references from your textbook using APA formatting in your answer to the initial post.
    • Make initial post
    • 250-300 words
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