Design Your Own Healthcare Organization

Design Your Own Healthcare Organization

This is a scholarly paper.
A hard-working, intelligent nurse manager/leader who has current knowledge of the principles of leadership and management. The successful applicant has read the course readings and has successfully completed the unit objectives for Nursing 432. The incumbent has the opportunity to create a new health care unit or organization. This new unit or organization can be a new nursing unit in a large urban hospital, a community health facility, a remote rural health clinic, or another type of health care organization where nurses are employed.

The board expects a written submission of approximately 10-12 typed double-spaced pages, excluding title and reference pages, at the completion of this project. The final submission should include references to current literature on nursing management and leadership. References must be in APA format (current edition).

Sections to Include in Your Project

1.Determine the type of unit or organization you are developing. Give your organization a name. Describe the mission statement and values of your organization.
2. Draw an organizational chart for your organization including yourself (the head person) in the chart.
3. Describe yourself at the head of your unit or organization – will you be a leader or manager? What attributes or characteristics will you have or seek to develop? How will you go about developing them?
4.Describe five strategies you will use to empower staff members.
5. Describe one team that will function in your organization – include a description of your rationale for forming this team and describe how you will ensure the group will function effectively.
6. On the first day your new unit opens you come across two nurses having a heated debate in the hallway related to how supplies are ordered for the unit. Describe how you would handle this situation.

There is a clear and focused discussion of each section of the paper. Maximum 20 marks.
Reference to the literature is appropriate to each section of the paper and there is the application of a model when one exists. Maximum 25 marks.

The rationale is provided for the type of organization or unit you have chosen to develop. Maximum 20 marks.

There is a discussion of why the mission statement and values you have identified are appropriate for the type of organization chosen. Maximum 20 marks.

The paper has a scholarly presentation and adheres to APA format (current edition). Maximum 15 marks.
“This is the feed back from my last assignment, please do this paper according to the feed back. I am not getting enough marks from the tutor. So please consider this feedback. There were few errors in APA format. A Running head and page headers are not required for student papers in APA 7th edition. A title has been added to page 2 of the paper. See changes to the headings in the paper. See changes to the format of the references on the Reference page. All references were published within 10 years; evidence was consistently and accurately integrated throughout most of the assignment. There were multiple errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and tone in the assignment.”


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