Davenport HCMG770 Week 3 PowerPoint Presentation Assignment

Prepare a minimum eight slide PowerPoint presentation. The first slide will be title page with your student name and graphic of the organization, and final slide will list references to meet APA for any electronic sources for the firm’s site, along with at least two peer-reviewed recent library journal articles. You will select a health care organization that you are familiar with or have researched. Cover the following elements: the existing mission statement (one slide), your revised mission statement for the organization (one slide), your rationale for revision based on lessons this week (use bullets for highlights on one slide), what particular components did you choose to emphasize and why (two slides which can have one element on each one using bullet points), and a slide to cover what particular component you think really embodies the distinctiveness of this organization. Be sure to use a template background. Use some appropriate graphics for visual interest. Be sure to cite in-text on slides where research is applied for proper credit. Upload your presentation via attachment link to the respective discussion forum thread (use your last name in the subject line). View the rubric that will be used to grade your submission. PowerPoint Presentation Rubric PPT Needs Development Fair Good Excellent Healthcare Organization and Actual Mission Missing healthcare organization and/or actual mission not clear. 0-9 points The mission statement for a healthcare organization is stated. 10-14 points Healthcare organization is identified with the mission statement. 15-19 points Healthcare organization includes a brief overview in an additional slide, along with the actual mission statement. 20 points Revised Mission Statement & Rationale Revised mission is not clear or missing. Rationale for revision may be brief or missing. 0-12 points Revised mission covered with short rationale thoughts. 13-20 points Revised mission on one slide with rationale thoughts covered on second slide – may need further depth in reasoning. 21-29 points Revised mission statement on one slide with detailed rationale on one more slides is clearly supported. 30 points Components and Distinctiveness Emphasis for two components may be incomplete. Distinctiveness of the organization may not be clear or addressed. 0-15 points Basics may be addressed for two component slides and one slide for distinctiveness – more specifics needed. 16-25 points Three slide requirements met (two to cover components) and one for organization distinctiveness covered. 26-34 points. At least three specific slides (two to clearly address components) and one slide to succinctly explain distinctiveness of the organization demonstrated by the mission. 35 points Layout & Organization Layout is cluttered, confusing or is difficult to read. Information may not be sequenced. Background may be white with black font. Format requirements not met. 0-3 points Lengthy paragraphs or too many fonts. Layout shows some structure. Background may be distracting. Presentation may be difficult to follow. Some format requirements met. 4-9 points Layout shows appropriate spacing with use of headings and bullets. Most information is organized. Most format requirements met. Some PowerPoint TIPS utilized. 10-14 points Layout is logical, interesting, and visually pleasing and contributes to the overall message with appropriate use of headings, subheadings, and/or bullets. Format requirements met. PowerPoint TIPS applied. 15 points Graphics Uses graphics that are not relevant or no graphics. 0-2 points Few graphics used to support text and presentation content. 3-7 points Graphics applied that relate to text and presentation. 8-9 points Relevant graphics visually enhance and reinforce the presentation and are of appropriate size. 10 points Scholarly Research of Literature Required scholarly research of literature was not met. Only text is referred to. 0-3 points Credible outside research evident. Two scholarly research sources may not have been met. 4-9 points Scholarly research for two recent peer-reviewed journal articles was met. Other credible outside research may be evident. 10-14 points Scholarly research for two recent peer-reviewed journal articles was met and additional credible outside research applied. 15 points Writing Mechanics and Citations More than 5 errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and/or APA requirements for proper source credit. 0-2 points 3-4 errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and/or APA requirements for proper source credit. 3-7 points 1-2 errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and/or APA requirements for proper source credit. 8-9 points Free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Proper format and meets APA requirements for reference sources and in-text cites. 10 points Attachments area

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