Data and Interventions

1. (Data and Interventions) Practitioner and Somalia Interpreter met with client for the first visit at his home 1515 park Ave south, Minneapolis to establish first acquaintances visit. client was very excited to see us to discuss issues regarding his mental health illness, goals and objectives. He was asked in session if he wants any changing in his previous goals? He told staff no, he wants continues on current goals to learn skills to mange his mental health illness, utilize community resources, such as walking, learning basic English, going to 24th mall to socialize with friend’s, going for prayers to the mall, and seeing his Doctor every three months. While in session, staff role played with client to walked in the environment several times to reduce mental health symptoms. client was taught how to do pursed-lips breathing and diaphragmatic exercises inhaling and exhaling within for few second to improves the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and manage stress. (Assessment) Client was actively involved in session to learn new skills and he expressed that utilizing these coping skills will help him improve quality health improvement to reduce mental health symptoms. (Plan) Client will work on improving socialization skills and reduce stress level.

2.(Data and Interventions)Practitioner and Interpreter met client at home for the first visit at his home 3217 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis. He was asked if he wants to continue with previous goals or to add any changing to Individual treatment plan? He states no, will work on his previous goal to manage his overall mental health symptoms such as going for regular Doctor appointments, socialize in the community, going to the Mosque to pray, walking mostly in the environment to exercise, reading the Q’ran to reduce depression and manage stress level. During the session time client told staff he has a document from the SSI department and he couldn’t read. staff read the document on his current status of his SSI that make him happy and his stress level was reduce. Practitioner taught client to focus on full, deep breathing, which is a simple yet powerful relaxation technique. It’s easy to learn, can be practiced almost anywhere, and provides a quick way to get your stress levels in check. staff taught client to engaged in skill reading pronouncing words such as food, eating, bath, apple, salad to enable him to improve language barriers. 2.(Assessment)Client expressed to followed full intervention to help him manage his mental health symptoms and relaxation technique. 3. plan for next session

3( data and Intervention),Practitioner and Interpreter met at client home for the first time to discuss his goals on the Individual Treatment plan if he wants to edit any update information? Client expressed to go forward with his current goals. while in session, client told staff he feeling pain on his leg making him to have stress at this present time. He was taught to engaged in coping skill to walked in the hall ways couples of times to reduce pain level and manage anxiety. Staff accompanied him to the 24th mall to socialized with friend that kept his mood positive to focused and reduce stress. ( Assessment)Client states he is happy to received all these interventions that help him to relief the leg pain, walked in the environment and seeing his friend at the mall.

3. plan

4.(Data and Intervention)Practitioner and Interpreter met at client residence for the very first time to go over a goals on Individual Treatment plans for any update he might like to change. He was very excited to see staffs coming to his home to help manage his mental health symptoms. He told staff he will continues working on his goals without any changing and he hopes to do more exercises to manage PTSD such as depression. Client did asked staff to accompanied him to the grocery store to buy food and staff taught him to select a healthy food on the shelf and read the labels and picking foods that he will eat to keep him health such as salad, carrot, vegetables, and maintained good health.

( assessment)client told staff he likes outdoor activities to socialize in the community to meet new friend and engaged eating healthy.

(plan) I did not include

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