Why We Crave Horror Movies

It is with no doubt that all of us are mentally sick. These words of Stephen King in his essay are supported by the action portrayed by individuals who talk to themselves or those who have certain fears regarding to some instances. No one will disagree with Stephen that people have different reasons as to why they go out and watch horror movies. Although some take horror movies for fun, it is evidently that we try to cope with certain situations which affect our daily life or keep our fear to a point which will not affect us more, (Rehberg, 2007).

According to King, there is no difference between public nose-picking and the murderous insanity. I agree with the king that watching horror movies does provide someone with release of days work. It is true that to some point by watching horror movies we do dare our nightmares. King compares horror movie with a roller coaster which he says a roller coaster would make us scream more compared to a horror movie. In short we do get fun by watching horror movies, (Rehberg, 2007).

King says that we crave to watch horror movies which not all do that. In my opinion, I agree with him as to why we need to watch them. In the current set up of the news we watch, they are full of such situations where we need to teach ourselves to watch them without any fear. According to King everyone is capable of making sound opinion when subjected to madness and sanity. The essay of the King is somehow reasonable because the news which is all over the media are full of crimes and thus we need to teach ourselves how to cope with such pictures, (Rehberg, 2007).


Rehberg, S. Horror Movies as a Part of American Popculture: GRIN Verlag, 2007

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