Core Values and Leadership


Leadership is a multifaceted practice that combines numerous perspectives such as personal values, ability to connect with followers, capacity to make effective decisions and the like. (Clark, 2008) Despite the diversity brought about by these perspectives, core values are extremely important as far as leadership is concerned. An individual’s leadership style may be effective or ineffective depending on his or her values. For this particular assignment, I will provide a description of my core values and beliefs as depicted in my choice of profession.

Core Values

Core values might be easily reflected on different platforms including personal life, leadership style, choice of profession, and the inherent behavior of an individual. At a personal level, I have various core values and beliefs that not only guide my professional behavior but also my day to day life. Respect for other people is one the most fundamental core values which guide my behavior. In line with this value, I always strive to ensure that I treat other people with high levels of dignity.

I strongly believe that respect holds for everyone regardless of social standing, profession, age, ethnicity or even standards of living. Without mutual respect among people, leadership would be more or less practical. In addition to respect, honesty serves as another essential core value that guides my behavior on a daily basis. As a practitioner in the nursing profession, honesty is a critical value more so in terms of ensuring that the high quality care is provided to all individuals. (Carroll, 2005)

On the other hand, as a leader, I have to maintain the highest standards of honesty in order to set a good example for others to follow. I strongly believe that high standards of honesty must not only be maintained within the professional line of duty but also in other realms of life. I also firmly believe that any form of discriminatory behavior has no place in nursing leadership. (Clark, 2008)This is a core value that has enabled me to offer impartial nursing leadership services not only to my followers but also in other aspects of life more so within the community. In line with being non-discriminatory, I strongly appreciate diversity and this also reflected in my choice of profession.

Lessons Learnt through Self-Reflection

Through this self-reflection, I have learnt several important lessons with regard to core values and leadership. Firstly, I have appreciated the fact that an individual’s core values not only influence his or her professional life but also other aspects of life such as interactions with other people. Secondly, I have learnt that some of the values and/or beliefs we take lightly are extremely significant with regard to our behavior. Even though some core values can strongly enhance an individual’s leadership skills, others such as disrespect or dishonesty can seriously undermine the leadership attributes of an individual. Through the self reflection, I am in a better position to readjust my core values in order to enhance my leadership attributes within the nursing profession.


Throughout the self reflection exercise, the different aspects about core values and leadership have become more vivid. At a personal level, core values and beliefs such as respect for other people and honesty influence my behavior at both the professional level and also in other realms of life. The realization of one’s core values is instrumental towards determining the effectiveness of leadership within the nursing profession.


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