Community Health Promotion

Community Health Promotion

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate having met the course learning outcomes through the creation of your personal concept map of community health promotion while examining and articulating how you apply a variety of those concepts in your current nursing practice setting. This will be a progressive assignment that you begin to work on during week one of the course. You may find it helpful to email your instructor early on to share the community as client focus you have chosen with a brief description of why.

Assignment Guidelines:
Concept maps are visual tools used to support learners in demonstrating relationships, connections and processes between concepts and ideas about a central subject (Harrison & Gibbons, 2013). You as a learner will have the opportunity to draw from existing knowledge, identify knowledge gaps and make learning meaningful to you through concept mapping (Fitzgerald, n.d.). Often in nursing concept maps the central node is the client and the arcs link to outlying nodes about the client. In this assignment the central node must be the community as the client. First you will develop a comprehensive community health promotion concept map and then select 4 community health concepts that stand out in relation to your community client for in depth discussion in a scholarly paper.

Community health nursing is not limited to any one place or unit instead it can be found practiced anywhere and with anyone if the practitioner so chooses. The following resources are not meant as an exhaustive list but instead provide some opportunity to explore trends and issues that you may find to be both intriguing and relevant to your current nursing practice. Consider these topics as examples of how a nurse might identify a community of interest. Careful choice of your group is important as all course assignments can potentially be developed around this population or group.

Marking Criteria:
Scholarly Paper (15/30)

-Setting and chosen community are clearly articulated.
-A minimum of 4 community health concepts/outlying nodes are selected for in depth discussion. This discussion should include, but is not limited to answering the question how is each concept demonstrated/applied/analyzed in relation to the issue or trend that you have chosen in your community?
-Role of the nurse and evidenced based nursing practice are clearly articulated in relation to each of the 4 community health concepts
-Ability to analyze, evaluate, create, and engage in critical inquiry is evident throughout.
-Adheres to APA (6th. ed.) scholarly format – limit of 6 pages (excluding title and reference pages)
1. My chosen population is Aboriginal Population in Canada. Issue is Type 2 diabetes.

2. I attached the concept map that I already got marked regarding Type 2 DM among Aboriginal.

3. 4 community health concepts will be; Health, Population health , primary health, health promotion.

4. Ensurse writer is using text book materials that I uploaded as well.

5. Use following sources as well;


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