Case Study- The Case of the Newborn Nightmare

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part 1

1.what challenges Dr Maddison is facing?

2. What information does he have so far about the infection?

3. What are some possible causes of skin infections? List at least five different organisms.

4. What should Dr Maddison’s next move be in determining the cause of the babies’ infection?


1. You are a microbiologist in charge of reading the gram stain for this case. From your instructor obtain a specimen. Unless it is already stained, stain the specimen and examine it microscopically. Record your observations of Gram reaction and morphology of any bacteria you observe. Also record the presence of any host cells, such as epithelial cells or white blood cells.

2. List at least 2 genera of clinically significant bacteria that are consistent with your observations.

3. List at least two kinds of culture media that will support the growth of the above organisms.


1. Did your assessment of the Gram positive stain agree with Dr Maddison’s? If not, can you explain why your answer might have been different?

2. Assuming that the microorganisms are indeed Gram positive cocci, tell the purpose of the media selected by Ms. Mosel to attempt to culture the organism.

3. Which aerobic Gram positive cocci are normal flora in the skin?

4. Of aerobic Gram positive cocci grow on the plates, what initial tests should be performed to identify them?

(Part 4 is a table I will attach document)

Part5 I already did ✔️

Part 6 no questions needed

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