Birth Control in Japan

  1. Introduction:

Problem statement: The effects of birth control on Japanese culture.

  1. Background Information
    1. Japanese Culture.

The paper will provide a brief description of the Japanese culture and how it as influence their attitudes and approaches towards the issue of birth control birth control.

  1. Government

This paper is also going to describe the type of government in Japan especially in relation to its influences in the Japanese people social and private lives. This section will also give an overview of government laws, policies and regulation that have influenced the view of birth control in Japan.

  1. Economy

This section will provide a brief overview of the Japanese economy and how it has encouraged or discourage the concept of birth control. The section will look into issues such as the main economic activities of the Japanese people and their influence on the views of birth control and gender roles in the development of the economy.

  1. Education

The education section aims to review past Japanese education system and how it has evolved to what it is today particularly in relation to how it has influenced the social lives of the Japanese people and their views and approaches to birth control.

  1. Religion

Religion section will provide a brief overview of the main religious beliefs practiced in Japan and how they have influenced the views of citizen towards birth control. This will especially focus on the Shinto, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist religious practices which are Japan’s most practiced religions.

  1. History of Birth Control

a. Traditionally accepted methods

This section will discuss the methods that were previously accepted by Japanese and those that were prohibited either by law or cultural beliefs.

b. Evolution of birth control practices

This section will trace how the birth control methods have evolved among the Japanese people and how some of the previously rejected methods came to be accepted in the society.

IV. Impacts of Birth Control

  1. Impacts on Culture

This section will discuss both the positive and negative impacts that birth control has had on the Japanese culture. This section will especially deal with how birth control has improved perceptions of women role in the society and how it has helped empowered the community. We also evaluate the impact of birth control on the rates of unplanned pregnancy and abortion in the society. On the negative side, this section will explore how birth controls have encouraged irresponsible sexual behaviors, infidelity in marriages, divorce and disintegration of the marriage institution in the society.

  1. Impacts on Economy

Negative and positive impacts of birth control will be examined. This paper will especially dwell on the impacts that reduced population brought about by birth control are likely to have on availability of labor and market for economic goods and services. This section will also look at the implication of reduced population of government expenditures in healthcare, education and other social amenities. Impacts reduced fertility on economic conditions of households is also going to be evaluated herein.

  1. Impacts on Education

This part discusses the likely impacts of birth control on the education system. This will especially assess the impacts that a reduced population is likely to have on accessibility to quality education services. This will also assess how this reduced population is likely to affect the availability of education service providers.

  1. Impact on Religion

Religions still have a high stake on the issue of birth control and contraceptives. This paper will evaluate how proliferation of birth control methods has affected the religious belief of the people. This section will asses whether the religious groups in Japan are softening their stand on the issue of birth control or whether the Japanese population is shifting to religions that are more accommodative to the now widely spread birth control habits.

  1. Ethical Issues brought about by Birth Control
  2. Ethical Issues brought about by Birth control

This section will assess some of the contentious issues raised by the proliferation of birth control in Japan. This section will especially look at issues such as promotion of reckless sexual behavior even among young people and conventionality of some of the birth control methods.

b. How Japan has tried to deal with these issues

This part will evaluate how ways employed by Japan in trying to address the ethical issues brought about by birth control.

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