Artifacts Presentation

This is a CLC assignment.


According to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, an artifact is “something created by humans usually for a practical purpose.” Use this or a similar definition as a framework for selecting an artifact that is subtly persuasive. The artifact may use images and visual effects to induce persuasion. The artifact must include language in the form of written or spoken words.


As a group, determine the effectiveness of the artifact. Using one, some, or all of the ideas we have read or talked about, explain why the message was or was not effective. What ideas could have improved the artifact?


Apply the theories and ideas from the text, readings, and discussions to explain the persuasive nature of the artifact.


Prepare a presentation in a format of your choosing (i.e., PowerPoint, Word, etc.) to show what you learned. It must include at least a title page with each group members’ name; each main point must be clearly identified with supporting evidence; and a clear conclusion and a list of references are required.


You might address some of the following ideas in your presentation:

  1. Describe the audience the message was designed for.
  2. Describe how the artifact qualifies as persuasion under the definitions we talked about.
  3. What theories explain the effectiveness of the artifact?
  4. What theories might be used to improve the effectiveness of the artifact?
  5. Was the artifact written ethically?
  6. How could it be written differently so that it would be ethical?

Make it fun, but informative, showing depth of thought and critical thinking.

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