Airport Security Measures

  Airport security measures are the methods that can be used to protect airports as well as the aircraft from cases of attacks and crime. They are also meant to assure travelers of their security. If given a directive to update security measure in my primary commercial service airport I would work on the following.

Metal detectors

Purchase of metal detectors for my primary commercial service airport would enhance security. These would detect metal weapons like guns and knives that the passengers might be in possession of. These detectors can approximately show the metal height and this will enable the security in the airport find the origin of the signal therefore improving security. In addition, I would also purchase small detectors that can in a precise way find a metal on an individual. However, this may have a negative effect in security since it may not be effective. This is because there are some metals with the same phase responses hence can not be detected. The purchase is only meant to update on the existing hence they will fit well.

Purchase of explosive detection machine

I would purchase X-ray machines. This is used to detect explosives that might be carried to the airport by detecting the volatile compounds that explosives give out. The X-ray machine has a detector that will be able to detect any radiation from the luggage and depending on the color that will be displayed; the security personnel will detect any explosives. These X-ray machines are advantageous since they are of low dose and hence pose no danger to the travelers and aircraft. Since there are conveyors in the airport, the X-ray machine will be fit because the conveyors will be used to convey luggage into the machine.

Full body scanners

This will be used for the detection of any weapons or explosives that the travelers might have hidden. These scanners scan the individual and find any hidden objects. They have the advantage that they are faster and people will not be touched something that can be taken as offensive since they will only have to stand near a panel. However, since these machines use high resolution, they pose a danger to the human health when someone is repeatedly exposed to it. This is especially for the airline workers and those who travel often. These will work well with the X-ray machines.

Fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection systems

This is a security measure that will enable the security personnel find out any illegal entry into the airport. It has an intellect signal that will notify them in real time and hence track the movement of any intruding threats. This has the positive attribute that it saves on cost and provides a high security level. In addition, it is not harmful to anyone whether they are the airline workers or the passengers.

Employing people that are trained

There are some trained people who can detect any possible threats. These people act through conversing with travelers and are trained in detecting threats through psychology. When they converse with the travelers, they are able to notice any behaviors that may rouse suspicion and hence can carry out other methods of detections. However, this can be time wasting and also some people may not be cooperative. If employed, it also reduces the risk of exposing people to machines.


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